When the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was playing Philadelphia in 1930, Merle Evans and the Ringling band visited the RCA Victor studios in nearby Camden, New Jersey.  This was only five years after the introduction of electronic recording.  Not only were these records louder, but the fidelity was greatly improved over records that had been made using the old acoustical method, where the performers sang or played into a large horn. Victor’s recording engineers were still learning how to get the best results from early microphones and vacuum tube equipment.  Recording the powerful Ringling Band inside a studio undoubtedly taxed this early recording equipment to it maximum.  There, they recorded six sides with some of the best circus music ever written:

    22438-A: Memphis the Majestic/Circus Echoes

    22438-B: Entry of the Gladiators

    22474-A: Pageantry 

    22474-B: Colossus of Columbia

    22671-A: Old Glory Triumphal  

    22671-B: Gentry’s Triumphal

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