Website Update: Preservation Content Launched!

BREAKING NEWS! 09/01/2020 11:57AM EDT

Leading up to the 50th Anniversary…

We are thrilled to launch this historically significant content as part of our commitment to the Preservation of the music of the Great American Circus and Wild West Shows. You can learn more about WJU’s preservation efforts.

WJU Ringling windjammers mywju music legends

Initially, there are three content areas, each dedicated to their namesake purpose:

Circus Music Recordings – original recordings of the greatest Band Directors and circus bands beginning with the FIRST professionally recorded “pressings” from 1930!

Circus Music Programs – from the Circus Fanfare archives, articles detailing specific music for various performances over the years and their relationship to the “acts” as they were performed.

WJU Windjammers Circus Music Programs mywju music legends

WJU Recordings – historically important recordings of WJU Bands at public performances and “play and record” sessions.

Won’t you help?

These are treasures contributed by several people from their personal archives. And, is the temporary home for their preservation until a more permanent and appropriate preservation archive and system is developed.

The task is monumental, so won’t you help? Contribute your time and expertise to building the Preservation Archive by contacting us.

The effort is also expensive. Please consider financial support of the Preservation Project by making a donation.

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